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Klimaatadaptatie wereldwijd | Afsluitend Webinar #6 met twee topsprekers over regionale en mondiale transitieprocessen. Met Neelke Doorn (TU Delft) keken we naar conflicterende belangen. Tom Middendorp (Clingendael, voormalig Commandant der Strijdkrachten) belichtte strategische belangen rond klimaat en veiligheid, en de verwevenheid met oa het tekort aan grondstoffen. De video opname staat nu online, evenals opnames van voorgaande edities.

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Webinar serie georganiseerd door Platform WOW ism KNW, STOWA, WaterAlliance en KWR, in de periode april tot december 2022.

WEBINAR #6 | How to Start and Maintain the Transition that is needed?
vrijdag 16 december 2022 | 9:00-10:00 | online

Cooperation on different scales - After five inspiring webinars in which we compared the Dutch situation with situations and solutions abroad, we had our final webinar with a focus on how we should start, shape and maintain the transition that is needed. And how to do this together with other countries. To this end, two top speakers joined us: Neelke Doorn (Professor Ethics of Water Engineering, TU Delft) and Tom Middendorp (Clingendael and Former Commander of the Armed Forces).

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of the webinar (NL ondertiteld)

  • Neelke Doorn, Professor Ethics of water engineering at TU Delft - Implementing climate adaptation raises ethical issues. Among other things, Neelke will discuss the conflicting interests. What if a measure in one location negatively affects a measure at another location? For example, consider measures needed for water safety, which can have opposite effects on natural values or water availability. The second aspect Neelke will focus on is the role of citizens in shaping climate adaptation in the urban environment. Is everyone equally equipped for this?
  • Tom Middendorp, Clingendael and Former Commander of the Armed Forces, will focuses on the intersection of climate and security. He does this from his position at the Clingendael Institute and as president of the International Military Council on Climate and Security. Tom will outline four enormous interrelated challenges we face: global population growth, resource shortages, geopolitical shifts and climate change. Drawing from his years of strategic experience, he will address how we will need to work together internationally, nationally, regionally and locally to tackle all of these challenges. He will do this using several inspiring examples. In his talk, it will become clear that we have an important task to share our knowledge globally. But also that we need to keep an open mind when it comes to innovations. For example, the photo above shows the testing of an innovation to produce water in the desert using solar energy. This innovation has grown into a full-fledged product that was also demonstrated at the World Expo in Dubai. Such innovations make it possible to make fragile regions more self-sufficient in drinking water supply and prevent all kinds of insecurity from arising. From Defense, Tom Middendorp supported this initiative where Defense served as an operational platform for innovation.

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april - december 2022

  • 22 apr | Climate Adaptation worldwide - an overview
  • 20 mei | Water resilient infrastructure - comparing Canada and The Netherlands
  • 15 sept | Reducing Risks by Use of Data - examples from Australia (Hydro-Geomorphic Risk Analyses) & The Netherlands (Robust Drinking-Water Systems)
  • 21 okt | Water, Landscape and Ecohydrology (Sweden & Brabant NL)
  • 18 nov | Circular Water Systems in European Cities
  • 16 dec | Climate Adaptation - How to Start and Maintain the Transition that is needed?

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