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In de webinar serie 'Climate Adaptation: solutions from other countries' keken we naar uitdagingen en oplossingen in andere landen. Gebruik van data, detail-kennis over landschap en bodem, de noodzaak van voldoende vakkennis en capaciteit, internationaal samenwerken en openstaan voor innovatie - veel belangrijke thema's werden besproken (apr-dec 2022). Zie het overzicht met sprekers en opnames van de hele serie.

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Climate Adaptation: solutions from other countries

Extreme rainfall, very long dry periods or severe storms: it is not only in the Netherlands that we are increasingly confronted with the effects of climate change. Climate change is a global challenge, the consequences of which in other parts of the world are often even more severe than here. 

How do other countries handle this? Is the foreign approach comparable to ours and what can we learn from each other? From April 22 to November 18, we are organizing an international, English-language webinar series in which the Dutch and foreign approaches are presented side by side. You will discover how climate-proof infrastructure is being realized in Canada, how Australia works with data to predict where interventions need to be made in the system, how various European cities are working on circular water and much more.

THEMES & KEYNOTE SPEAKERS and see more for presentations and video's

  • "Build Capacity for Sustainability" - Climate Adaptation worldwide - an overview (April 2022)
    In webinar#1, Joep Verhagen (Global Center on Adaptation) and Hans de Moel (Institute for Environmental Studies, VU Amsterdam) took a digital world trip along climate impact and adaptive solutions.
  • "Resilient infrastructure" -  Water resilient infrastructure - comparing Canada and The Netherlands (May 2022)
    Webinar #2 was about adapting infrastructure to new conditions caused by climate change in Canada and the Netherlands; with Darren Swanson (International Institute for Sustainable Development) and Floris Boogaard (Hanze Hogeschool and Deltares)
  • "Reducing Risks through the Use of Data" - Harnessing data to make the water system more robust - examples from Australia and The Netherlands  (September 2022)
    In webinar #3, we saw two great examples on how to use data to make the water system more robust and fit for the future; with Charlie Showers (Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning, section Forest Fire and Regions) and Caspar Geelen (Biometris-WUR & Wetsus)
  • "How will we Slow the Flow?" -  Riparian management led by the landscape - in Sweden & Brabant NL (October 2022)
    In webinar #4, Boy Possen (Brabant Water) and Stefan Ploum (Aequator Groen & Ruimte) discussed the design of banks along streams and rivers in the Netherlands and Sweden.
  • "New Circular Water Systems Being Used Today" - Circular Water Systems in European Cities (November 2022)
    In webinar #5, Ellen Edefell (NSVA) and Henk-Jan van Alphen (KWR) discussed with us the circular use of water in Helsingborg, Sweden and Brain Port Smart District in Noord-Brabant.
  • "Open the Doors for Innovation" - Climate Adaptation - How to Start and Maintain the Transition that is needed? (December 2022)
    In webinar #6, Neelke Doorn (Professor Ethics of Water Engineering, TU Delft) and Tom Middendorp (Clingendael, and Former Commander of the Armed Forces) highlighted the ethics of climate adaptation, and the role of collaboration and opening our doors for innovation for making the switch that we need.

INFORMATION with presentations and video's
Platform WOW | Climate Adaptation - Solutions from different corners of the world

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Deze webinar serie was een samenwerking van Platform WOW, KNW, STOWA, WaterAlliance en Wetsus

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