In maart wordt in Delft de 'Water Summit for Global Development 2022' georganiseerd, met centraal thema 'Catching up with urbanisation'. Studenten kunnen deelnemen aan Impact cases in de week voorafgaand aan de Summit. De inschrijving is nu geopend, met korting voor KNW-leden, TUD-medewerkers en studenten. Water Summit op dinsdag 15 maart 2022 vanaf 9:00 uur.

watersummit 2022

Water Summit for Global Development 2022

Catching up with urbanisation
15 March 2022 | 9:00-17:00 | Delft

"The Water Summit will discuss how multidisciplinary science, technology and innovation can improve access to water and how to achieve this together."

The aim of Water Summit for Global Development 2022 is to promote water research that contributes to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). "We believe in implementation, testing our ideas in the field and that low resources should not necessarily mean low tech. We believe that all of this can only be done together, and thus we focus on building and fostering strong interdisciplinary relationships with a wide variety of stakeholders."

Keynote speakers

Impact cases - Students are invited to actively participate in the Summit, by joining one of the impact cases in the week before the Summit. Organisations are invited to share a case with a relevant question from a project in the global south.

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Water Summit for Global Development 2022


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