Hoe kun je 'water heritage' op een goede manier meenemen bij beslissingen over water management? Gratis online MOOC cursus door DelftX. 'Address contemporary challenges from a socio-spatial and cultural perspective, and activate water heritage for decision-making in water management.' Start 3 november of kies je eigen start-datum.

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Water Works: Activating Heritage for Sustainable Development
3 nov - 8 dec 2021 & sef-paced | MOOC free, online course |  DelftX

'Water is at the core of many current societal issues. Because these topics are so urgent, we sometimes forget that people have lived with and planned for water for millennia.

In this course, you will learn how to identify the spatial, social and cultural aspects of water heritage in your environment. You will investigate real situations, assess specific issues and evaluate the impact of potential measures, following existing expertise on water heritage and water management traditions as a model for your own practice.

By examining examples of water heritage from around the world, and by interacting with fellow learners, you will learn to implement globally sustainable approaches and tools such as the UNESCO Historic Urban Landscape (HUL) and the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).'

Tijdsbesteding: 4-5 uur per week gedurende 6 weken (3 nov - 8 dec 2021). Ook op andere momenten en in eigen tempo te volgen.

Details: Water Works: Activating heritage for sustainable development