AIWW 2021 biedt een uitgebreid programma rond ‘Blue-Green Deals with Integrated Solutions’, zowel online (1-2 nov) als live in Amsterdam (3-5 nov) bij de Aquatech Vakbeurs met sessies over oa de Marker Wadden (4 nov) en het RESILIO project voor blauw-groene daken (5 nov). Lees verder voor programma en tickets.

aiww 2021

AIWW 2021 - Blue-Green Deals with Integrated Solutions

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AIWW 2021

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aiww 2021 mw

Marker Wadden: integrated solution for biodiversity loss and water quality decline
4 nov 2021 | 12:30-13:30 | AIWW 2021 in RAI Amsterdam | info & ticket 

Marker Wadden is an unique project: never has excess fine sediment been used on a large scale to construct natural islands and restore the ecosystem and improve water quality. The unique character of Marker Wadden has offered us an excellent opportunity to develop knowledge. We are eager to share this knowledge with you.
- mmv Kennis en Innovatieprogramma Marker Wadden, Vereiging Natuurmonumenten, Deltares en Rijkswaterstaat

aiww 2021 resilio

RESILIO - Upscaling climate adaptive smart blue-green roofs at social housing real estate
5 nov 2021 | 12:30-13:30 | AIWW 2021 in RAI Amsterdam | info & ticket 

Storing, retaining and managing water on roofs is growing as a robust strategy in the challenge of climate adaptation in Amsterdam. Social housing corporations teamed up with a broad consortium in the RESILIO (UIA-funded) project to battle heat, drought and waterlogging stress. This RESILIO-session will share and focuse on participation, academic research results, cost-benefit analysis and the value of a multifunctional roof ambition.

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AIWW 2021